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Looks like Collison is our man this season

Nate Washburn

Looks like Collison is our man this season

I have been hearing conflicting reports regarding the team’s thoughts on Darren Collison as Sacramento’s starting point guard for 2016-17. But now it is looking more and more like he will get the nod this season.

Rajon Rondo bumped Collison last season from the starting role and the results were mixed. While Rondo had solid numbers, Collison’s numbers dipped and he didn’t appear very happy being the sixth man again. He showed flashes at times, but was generally unimpressive. It was clear that Rondo and Collison could not co-exist in the same backcourt for one reason or another.

Now, with Rondo unlikely to rejoin Sacramento this season, the word on the street is that the Kings are looking for a new starting PG. But there really isn’t anyone available on the free-agent market better than Darren right now. Furthermore, there aren’t a lot of starting point guards available via trade either.

Internally, the team felt Collison could be the starting PG on a bad team, but not capable of leading a playoff squad. So what does that bring us to? Collison isn’t Sacramento’s #1 choice as the starting 1, but they don’t have any other realistic options that would be a clear step up in talent.

With only one year left on his 3-year deal with the Kings, Darren will likely play out this season and both parties will make a decision next summer. The free-agent market will be better and Sacramento will have some more cap space to work with. And who knows, the speedy former UCLA Bruin might just surprise everyone and finally prove that he is all that he thinks he is.

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